bax çöllü 1-ci mənada. <Hüseynəli xan:> Mənim qızım oxumuş qızdır, sənə yaramaz, sən bir çölçü babasan, sənə kasıbfəndi qız gərək. N. V..

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  • Colcu mac Connacan — Colcu mac Connacan, Irish historian and Abbot of Ceann Eitigh (Kinnitty), died 884. The Annals of the Four Masters, sub anno 884, contains Colcu s obituary: Colcu, son of Connacan, Abbot of Ceann Eitigh, doctor of eloquence, and the best… …   Wikipedia

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  • Áed mac Ainmuirech — (died 598) was high king of the Northern Uí Néill. He belonged to the Cenél Conaill and was a distant cousin of Columba of Iona. He was the son of Ainmuire mac Sétnai (died 569), a previous possible high king. [Byrne, Table 4; Appendix IV; Mac… …   Wikipedia

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